The coolest General Lee Charger Go Kart on the block!

coolest General Lee Charger Go Kart

Take a moment to check out the coolest General Lee Charger Go Kart on the block! Perfect little guy! You are already guessing that in the video below you are going to see a go kart with small scale replica of General Lee’s body! However, do not raise your expectations, because you are going to watch only a go kart after all! Unlike the movie, where the legendary 1969 Dodge Charger, nicknames General Lee runs from the police, jumps on and off the highway, or in other words knows no obstacles, this small go kart version of General Lee is totally the opposite, but still offers a lot of fun and is a great vehicle for commuting around the neighborhood!

For sure this guy will be remembered by everybody who saw him cruisin’ around with the red General Lee Charger Go Kart. Especially if they’re fans of Dukes of Hazzard, a cult classic that all of us, muscle car fans have seen. There is no information about the engine of the go cart, but it sure sounds nice and it’s running perfectly. Check it out!