Custom BMW R1200 – Unique build by Giulio Paz!

Custom BMW R1200Custom BMW R1200 – one of the most original BMW‘s that you have ever seen, probably since you’ve laid eyes on the El Solitario’s R75/5 Baula.

In a corner of one of the most gigantic EICMA halls, there is a small both that belongs to Giulio Paz that’s attracting a steady throng of visitors. In the middle of it is a custom BMW R1200 – based custom build and that’s why everyone are awed.

Custom BMW R1200 – Unique build by Giulio Paz!

Paz’s ambition as he says was to create something that original an unique so to upset the balance of the decades that have past with reliability, handling and ergonomics. It’s seems like the mission is completed, Paz. Nevertheless, as an inspiration for such an idea he took the first two decades of the twentieth century when design didn’t win in a battle with functionality. Keeping the tank below the seat is Paz’s way of staing low. Custom BMW R1200!

Another name for this custom BMW R1200 is ‘Diva” that puts out 110 HP. For all we know, the milled parts come from Bonamici Racing, while the frame was created by a racebike specialist Moretti. The non-load-bearing components are made of carbon fiber as well as the body work and the colors are impregnated into the fabric before the cooking in the autoclave.

We don’t know for sure but, rumor has it that Paz is planning on building more of such machines that really makes us all crazy. A deep wallet may be called for but, artistry and quality is a perfect combination that never comes cheap. Check this custom BMW R1200 video below!