Custom Ducati 1000SS and the art of bringing it to life!

Custom Ducati 1000SS

Custom Ducati 1000SS  and going through the whole process of bringing it to life.

Cafe racers may be on top of their glory these years however, we do also love paying attention to all the other ones that are out there. For all we know, this beauty is a result of 5 months of effort and a clear picture in the head of a steel worker. This guy just wanted to get rid of all the plastic on that Ducati and replace it with steel. One of the many reasons (beside him being a steel worker) why he turned this Ducati 1000SS into this piece of art is that, according to him, the steel is a material that is raw, it’s protective and clearly, just amazing.

Custom Ducati 1000SS and the art of bringing it to life

Originally, he wanted to paint it but, the product of his vivid imagination and hard work turned out to be awesome just as it is. The final outcome looks mind-blowing, nevertheless, the builder also wanted to take us on the journey of its birth. The custom Ducati 1000SS video is pretty long but, we believe that those who are interested in customizing appreciated. Custom Ducati 1000SS video below!