Custom Peterbilt – A unique face on a Cummins-powered build

Custom PeterbiltCustom Peterbilt – this is not a hot rod that you rarely see. In fact, a custom Peterbilt is one of the most customized trucks around the globe. You see, Peterbilt trucks are, no doubt, in a class of their own. They are among the hugest big rigs and naturally, people like to own and ride them. Even those who don’t, like to bring them to various shows.

And as there are many auto shows nowadays, we are used to seeing a lot of different designs and builds. Though, that doesn’t mean that we will get used to it. Even now, in the 21st century, we are still amazed by some old machines with makeup.

Actually, we go even further than that – we change chassis, engines and pretty much everything else. That is actually at the core of building hot rods and rat rods. Their lives is about being sculptured; these machines come in every form, shape,and size. The variety of build is what makes hot rodding so beautiful.

Custom Peterbilt – A unique face on a Cummins-powered build

Custom PeterbiltDespite every single one of them being completely unique, there are some that can really stand out from a crowd. Such is the custom Peterbilt that we’re checking out today.

The first and foremost thing that makes the custom Peterbilt different from the others in on the inside. Usually, when it comes to putting an engine into a hot rod/rat rod we go for the LS transplant or the small block Fords. In addition, we’ve seen people try everything else in between.

Nevertheless, this custom Peterbilt features Cummins power under the hood. Yes, the custom Peterbilt is one of those one-of-a-kind builds that you rarely come across. The custom Peterbilt takes an entirely new face and that of course, is not where the cool factor stops.

Furthermore, when you throw a glance and the chassis you’ll realize it is built off of the likes of a Peterbilt big rig. That ought to make this Peterbilt even more unique.

The wild child brings many custom touches to the table. Check it out!