Datsun 240Z Why is so distinct?!?

Datsun 240ZDatsun 240Z is a car that defined a generation, meaning that it’s pretty much awesome. Well, this special Datsun has a cool owner- John William. He is man who was embraced the Z culture and has been a Datsun fan as much as one can actually be. However, besides being a passionate car enthusiast he is also a skilled mechanic and this is what he loves and what he can do.

Datsun 240Z!

We’re quite speechless when it comes to the car as it’s totally breath-taking at first sight, let alone when trying to get into it. Nevertheless, John wants the world to know why the Z is that big of an icon so, in the video, you can hear what he has to say on it, as well as see that ride of his doing a bit of a drifting. Check out the Datsun 240Z video below!