Dewayne Mills’ Camaro went airborne and crashed at Lights Out 6!


Most importantly, he is OK, but this footage will blow your mind. Legendary racer Dewayne Mills walked away from an incredible wreck during Lights Out Six at South Georgia Motorsports Park when his 1968 Camaro took flight at the eighth mile mark at the track. The car went into a power wheelie and was carrying so much speed the air literally picked the thing up in the air to the point that the machine was completely vertical and skidding along on the parachute pack.

The car landed on top of the wall. Thankfully for Mills, the landed in such way that it kicked the car to the right and it landed on the track instead of on the outside of the wall where things could have taken a truly horrible turn in the grass. Mills was banged up in the wreck, but he is OK!