Dirtfish Rally School – Rally like a pro!

Dirtfish Rally SchoolDirtfish rally school is relatively new school. That, however, doesn’t mean that the folks standing behind the whole thing aren’t awesome.

We witness true enthusiasm about cars every single day as we’ve been pretty much “obsessed” with them ourseleves. Dirtfish seems to be the place that we’d love to visit. What’s not to like after all? The people there, from mechanics to instructors love to inspire people as inform an encourage them to try out what they really want.

Dirtfish rally school – where the fun begins!

As life is filled with memorable moments, such as our first steps, our first words as so on, experiencing something like this would definitely be one of those moments. If you’re in love with rallying and have the opportunity we suggest you do something about it!¬†Dirtfish Rally School video below!