DIY Electric Skateboard – If You Can’t Buy It, Make It!!

DIY Electric SkateboardDIY Electric Skateboard

As kids, many of us enjoyed just cruising around on a skateboard, mainly because some of us were terrible at doing tricks and some of us were too worried about getting hurt.

Nowadays, the popularity of personal electronic vehicles has grown and with it, the electric skateboarding community. But building your own electric skateboard can be cheaper than buying one in a box.

DIY Electric Skateboard – If You Can’t Buy It, Make It!!

This video shows what you can do with just a couple of things that you can pick up from any hardware store and of course, a skateboard. The modification requires bolting a big metal disk into the very innards of one of the front wheels. After that, attach the disk to the drill with a right-angle drill attachment. And finally add a flexible extension bit holder, that can give you room to swing your arms while riding.

This guy have put together a nice short video and instructions about how to make an electric skateboard. It looks like a fun project and and pretty cheap compared to a new one.

Check it out!