Dodge ZEO Concept – The future of fun, electric-only cars!

Dodge ZEO ConceptDodge ZEO Concept is a concept car that made its debut back in 2008 at the Detroit Auto Show. If we are to look back at that event, the Dodge ZEO Concept made quite an impact and left a permanent impression to those who saw it there. The Dodge ZEO Concept is a car that is pretty much unforgettable, mostly because of its appearance. Needless to say, there is more than what meets the eye with this machine.

In 2008, the Dodge ZEO Concept was the latest battery-electric concept that Chrysler was so proud of. Well, how couldn’t they be? The Dodge ZEO is an absolute ripper; an all-American muscle car. Furthermore, this car sits just a tier below the performance figures of the Lightning GT and the Tesla Roadster. It makes around 268 HP and goes from zero to sixty in under 6 seconds. In addition, we’d also like to mention the 250 miles- the range of its lithium-based battery pack.

Dodge ZEO Concept – The future of fun, electric-only cars!

Dodge ZEO ConceptThe Dodge ZEO Concept looks like a million dollar with its appealing appearance and its performance potential. More importantly, it is definitely one of the first serious sporty, battery-electric cars that the world has seen.

Unfortunately, the Dodge ZEO Concept still hasn’t hit production and we don’t know if it ever will. The prototype looks fantastic but, honestly, this is far from a practical design. Given the fact that the Dodge ZEO should be a road car, its mirrors are pretty small. There are many other such details that are sure to catch your eye. But be that as it may, overall, the ZEO is really stunning, especially the flared wheels arches and the rear angle.

Because of the fact that the Dodge ZEO left such a positive impression the first time it revealed itself, ScottieDTV takes us yet on another journey around it. The car is neat and we get to see the lines thought of the designers and engineers that are behind it. Check it out!