Dominator’s 1967 Dodge Dart had a makeover!

Dominator's 1967 Dodge DartDominator’s 1967 Dodge Dart had a makeover! Joe Woods had a little secret to show the world last weekend in the 405 at the Conquer the Concrete no prep race. This winter he was working intensely on his 1967 Dodge Dart. Anyway, it’s not a secret anymore! This year he will be running with a Troy Scott built Big Block Chevy 632ci twin 88mm turbo powered setup!

To keep up with the Joneses, Joe Woods switched the nitrous oxide-assisted Chrysler powerplant, for the 632 cubic-inch big-block Chevy. The plan is to eventually stuff a proper Chrysler engine under the hood again when funds allow, but for now, the Chevrolet will carry him into battle.

Dominator’s 1967 Dodge Dart

Dominator's 1967 Dodge Dart front

Woods says he “sold every toy he had to be able to make the swap”, but believes it’s the ticket to the top of the list and better reliability. “Everyone is ditching weight and building bigger motors”, said Woods via social media. In an effort to make this a true street car, capable of not only cruising the neighborhood, but completing Drag Week, Woods has set the car up without an intercooler to run on alcohol for race nights, and has utilized a Haltech power management system that will enable him to run pump gas or E85 on the road. The car sports a radiator for just such driving, and will even have the windshield wipers re-installed once its 100-percent complete, making it a true street car.

While Dominator’s 1967 Dodge Dart was a hot commodity at the Conquer The Concrete event at Thunder Valley over the weekend, it was on display only, as Woods shares that a new transmission and torque converter is still on its way. He plans to test it on the dyno once it’s finished. Check it out!