Drift-curious Mike Musto finds solution for depression – drifting!!!

Drift-curious Mike MustoDrift-curious Mike Musto gets his own,first taste of drifting.

If you find yourself anxious or blue, worry no more; there is a solution and Mike Musto, the Drive host, has discovered it.

Musto is quite handy behind the wheel of a car and that is no secret. However, what he is terrified of is drifting as he has never tried it out. Now, we know that he has nothing to worry about because he is good at managing cars so, in this video he is to give it a go.

Drift-curious Mike Musto goes drifting for the first time

What Mike will come to find is the bare truth that we all know- drifting is the most fun you can have in a car, especially when it doesn’t really matter if you scrape the paintwork and you’re controlling 400bph+.

Heading down to Sonoma Raceway is California, he gets a drifting lesson from Chris Fillipi and only a moment later, he is laughing pretty hard. So, to drive the blues away, you don’t really have to do anything special – just go drifting.¬†Drift-curious Mike Musto video below!