E Glide skateboard- World’s most durable all-terrain powerboard!

E Glide skateboardE Glide skateboard is the powerboard that won’t disappoint you. E Glide skateboard – Take my money! Damn. This thing is so cool.

E Glide is a company that has been in the powerboard business for a long period of time and due to the experience that they have with electric boards, there is no wonder that their products are reliable and highly functional.

E Glide aluminium skateboard!

The people at E Glide build the electric skateboards in their shop in Santa Monica, California one at a time. Ring5 Productions got the change to meet with the craftsmen who builds these awesome machines and try out one of the electric skateboards. So, in the video below, we also get to hear what the builder has to say about their E Glide skateboard and see where these pieces of machinery can be taken for a ride.

E Glide skateboard – World’s most durable all-terrain powerboard.

E Glide skateboard

It turns out that these electric E Glide skateboard bring many benefits to the owner, as well as the surroundings. First of all, these skateboards, obviously, are all electric, energy efficient and green; which means that they do not emit carbon dioxide,thus, they do not pose a danger to the environment. What’s even more amazing about these personal electric transportation vehicles is that, apparently, they can be taken literally anywhere you wish to go. Yeah!

Graven, dirt, hard packed or concrete sand, snow ( when equipped with snow chains) and every other possible terrain when you can ride a skateboard on – E Glide skateboards do it all.

Second, when it comes to riding with freedom, the E Glide skateboard – electric boards allow you to move in traffic without having to wait in long lines of cars and free you from any problem that you would normally have to deal with if you’re in another type of vehicle. People who love to feel the thrill of riding a skateboard, no matter the terrain, will truly enjoy in all the goodies that these products have to offer.

E Glide skateboard.

Third, the cabled remote system that the E Glide skateboard feature is safer the the wireless remote systems because you don’t have to worry about signal interference; this is highly important if you’re on the road. In addition, the remote never needs charging.  When it comes to power, these bundles of joy can go 22 mph top and are pretty reliable along the way.

E Glide skateboard – off road electric skateboard

So far, there are 3 types of E Glide skateboards and all of them come with slightly different features so, the weight, battery life and speed pretty much depend on which electric skateboard you choose to “glide” with. Nevertheless, check it out –  you may like it! E Glide skateboard video below. Enjoy!