F1 on Snow: Max Verstappen hits the slopes in his RB7!

F1 on snowF1 on snow

Max Verstappen, a ski course, one RB7, some donuts and snow chains. Believe it or not, this actually happened. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult, as soon as we see even a hint of snow, we’re all out there causing mischief everywhere we see the opportunity. The type of mischief may differ but, I’m sure you know what kind of fun we like and Max Verstappen is no different. Except he is allowed to use the company car.

F1 on snow – Max Verstappen loves the snow!

Not the usual Thursday morning but, Verstappen drove his RB7 F1 on the legendary Strief ski course, in Kitzbühel. The RB7 had to be brought to a specific location by helicopter and it got there equipped with snow chains and Pirelli Sport tires.

Here’s the action!