Fast and Furious 8 and all the cars that we are yet to see in action!!!

Fast and Furious 8Fast and Furious 8 is coming. This we know for sure as the amiable Vin Diesel confirmed the information.

So, on 14 April 2017, moviegoers will witness the 8th installment in the amazingly successful franchise of films that use to be about cars but now are stuff about stuff exploding and people with machines gunning helicopters in the sky. Well, at least that what the the fans of the older installments have to say about the new ones. Yet, we ( and they ) still can’t wait to see the Fast and Furious 8 hit the screen. Why is that? Well, we are just excited to see the action and the notorious riding and driving we are used to seeing. The journey in high-flying cars is something that the automotive part of the world just cannot resist.

Fast and Furious 8 and all the cars we are yet to see in action

Fast and Furious 8What else do we know about the Fast and Furious 8┬ámovie? Well, all kinds of information are all over the Internet. The thing that is important is that the original cast members will come back to reprise their roles. Oh, and not only for this one but, for all upcoming installments as well. This is not the end of the road. Can we expect to see something less than over the top? I don’ think so. The franchise has become so popular that there is no chance for anyone to allow it to suck. The Fast and Furious 8 will be awesome, to say the least.

While there are still no Fast and Furious 8 behind the scene videos, we can still have a peek at the cars that we’ll see in the movie. Well, they got our attention. In the video below, Dennis McCarthy, the vehicle coordinator for the new sequel will guide you on the journey. He says that this is probably one of the most expensive collection of cars in the world. We’re with you Dennis- check it out!