Fastest ship in the world features Boeing 747 Engine-based turbines!

Fastest ship in the worldFastest ship in the world isn’t an ordinary machine – it is a ship that has Boeing 747 Engine-based turbines as a power-plant. The fastest ship in the world is pretty much a “wave-piercing catamaran” that can travel 67 miles per hour or  58.1 knots. The builders at  Australia’s Incat shipyard  have already tested it and according to them, there is no doubt: this is the fastest ship in the world. Surely, there are some speed boats that are capable of surpassing 58 knots but, I don’t think any of them can carry around 150 cars and 1,000 passengers.

The name of the fastest ship in the world in Francisco and it was named after Pope Francis. Naturally, as this is definitely a unique ship, its speed is not the only feature that makes it mind-blowing. This amazing ferry, the world’s fastest ship in the word, uses LNG (liquefied natural gas) as a primary fuel. Sure, it uses marine-grade oil to start the engines and as a backup fuel but, nothing more.

Fastest ship in the world features Boeing 747 Engine-based turbines

Fastest ship in the worldThis makes it the environmentally cleanest and most efficient high-speed ship that has even come to existence. Additionally, as we’ve already mentioned before, it is also the fastest one ever. Well, try topping that out with an invention of yours!

The liquefied natural gas powers the GE gas turbines –  Boeing 747 aircraft engines  that the guys at the company modified at their core. Each is capable of producing  59,000 horsepower. According to Ivan Back, they had to re-design the fuel delivery system and the fuel manifold in order to accomplish that. That must have been challenging for the company but, obviously, it was pretty rewarding. Needless to say, the crew has a lot of experience when it comes to these things so, it was quite clear that they would manage it. Check out the fastest ship in the world in action!