Ferrari 288 GTO recklessly driving through the British countryside!


Tax the Rich, the YouTuber, this time is seen in a Ferrari 288 GTO that he probably found on the British countryside. This model is considered to be one of the first super Ferrari cars; so yes, it belongs in a line among the F40, F50, LaFerrari, and the Enzo. Originally, this ride was designed to enter the Group B rally championship but side the group was folded, the 288 GTO was adapted for the road. All in all, what we’re really trying to say is that this Ferrari is pretty rear and widely appreciated in the supercar world.

So, we really enjoy the fact that in this video we’re seeing it being driven, the thing that it was actually created to do all along. The drive is epic and some close calls may even trigger an anxiety spike in those viewers that tend to be more sympathetic in these kinds of situations. Crank it up to hear the 2.8-liter twin turbo V8’s roars!

Warning: In the video you may witness a slightly abuse of a priceless Ferrari!