Ferrari F40 journey – Camping and snow drifting!!!

Ferrari F40 journeyFerrari F40 journey in the snow? Bring it on!

The name Takeshi Kimura might not ring any bells to all of you but, if you’re a gearhead that you’ve probably seen that cool collection of his of Italian exotics that are ripping it up in the hills of Japan. The traditional track days may be awesome but, Kimura, this time, takes his amazing Ferrari F40 on the hills of Nagano. The man loves camping, what can we say.

Ferrari F40 journey!

So, his latest collaboration with Red Bull Japan showcases exactly that. No, not the camping but, the journey of course.  Dubbed “A Day In The Life”, this is a short film that follows this duo, depicting only one of his many excursions. After stopping off at a rental shop and getting some tire chains for his ride, the real fun starts off. The sun sets and the night turns into day but the true pleasure is hearing the sounds of the twin turbocharged V8 and its 478 ponies. Enjoy!