Firetruck Rat Rod at Cruisin’ The Coast 2015!

Firetruck rat rodFiretruck Rat Rod spotted at Cruisin’ The Coast 2015 by ScottieDTV! This is one crazy ladder truck! It’s a very cool build, and the originality of the truck has been preserved. Maybe 20 years ago, this truck was a piece of junk, and nobody would touch it, but now it’s an attraction!

Firetruck Rat Rod at Cruisin’ The Coast 2015!

This event brings in Cars and Trucks from all over the United States! Everybody who is a custom car lover should visit! This firetruck is really something! I like the attention to details like the dog with goggles on top, and the benches for sitting in the back… It sure does look fast… Talking about fast response… Very cool truck… Check it out!!



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