FT1 Toyota – The new generation Supra is awesome!

FT1 ToyotaFT1 Toyota – The new generation Supra ‘s looks are a little bit more notorious that we have all expected.

Is this the kind of Supra which resemblance we’ll see in the future models? Is the FT1 Toyota anything besides a styling concept that shows Toyota is ready for installing passion in its designs? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

When describing a sports car the words that usually come to mind are: “fast”, “luxurious” and “kick-ass”. The Toyota FT-1 is blending all of those “tags” and many others in its concept. This amazing design on the FT1 Toyota is supposed to be the next generation of Supra and that’s where its name comes from.

FT1 Toyota – The new generation Supra is awesome!

FT1 ToyotaThose who are really interested in finding out why the company made the FT1 Toyota should feel free to guess. It’s not so difficult as you may think! The new FT1 Toyota is just a Mr. Toyoda’s wish to install more heart-pumping excitement into the company’s traditional design. If that’s the case, then the folks at Toyota have certainly hit the spot.

THe FT1 is a mean ride. Even at first sight, you know you can’t mess with this car. The FT1 is something you take care of.

The abbreviation “FT-1” stands for “Future Toyota” whereas “1” means “ultimate”. Toyota, so far, has made only 2 concepts. The first one is red and the second one is dark silver. We have seen the red one has on many automotive outlets including Jay Leno’s Garage and Motor Trend. However, we are definitely fans of the dark silver one! That’s why we decided to upload a video of it visiting the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California. The FT1 Toyota is quite impressive, to say the least, so check it out!