Futurliner sold for $4.1 million at Barrett-Jackson auction block!

FuturlinerFuturliner – a big pricey beast.

As we all we already aware of, one of the 9 General Motors  Futurliners are still in existence. Well, one of them was part of the Barrett-Jackson auction block in Scottsdale and did quite the fuzz there. That same Futurliner was sold for $4.1 million and it got nearly the exact same asking price on its second trip.

The previous owner of the 1950 Futurliner was the collector Ron Pratte. Ron bought the bus during a historic bidding war in that same auction in 2006. Originally, the buses owner wanted $600,000 for the Art-Deco automobile but, it didn’t end as he expected. The bidding eventually hit an astronomical and unexpected price. It is the most excited single-auction that you will ever watch.

Futurliner sold for $4.1 million at Barrett-Jackson auction block

FuturlinerWell, Ron Pratte managed to restore the bus and once he got it, he decided to throw it back on the Barrett-Jackson auction. He had no idea what to expect but, he surely didn’t see this coming. Ou of nowhere, a phone bidder, Rick Hendrick, GM car collector and NASCAR team owner called for the $4 million.
Pratte, of course, was likely ecstatic to see the Futurliner sell for that sum. It’s no less amazing that it was back then. In the end, all the proceeds from the sale were sent to the Armed Forces Foundation. That’s a non-profit organization that protects and promotes mental, physical and emotional wellness of veterans, military service members and their families. Everyone wins and all are happy. That’s what we call a good story. Check it out!