Gatebil Sigdal 2015 – This time on ice!!!

Gatebil Sigdal 2015Gatebil Sigdal 2015

We’re sure you’re familiar with Gatebil, the Norwegian drifting series where we always find epic drifting scenes as well as talented drift drivers. However, a “new” Gatebil just popped out of nowhere, the Gatebil Sigdal 2015 on Ice. It’s a more fun version, at least in a way, because it has a more relaxed atmosphere and frankly, snow always reminds us of our childhood, when playing in snow was so much fun that we didn’t even want to go home for days.

Gatebil Sigdal 2015 on ice!

Two iced tracks and a lot of good drifters who also claim that they had the time of their lives. Check out this ice drifting video and see how it all went down!