Ghost Rider having some fun on two wheels on the Ring!!!

Ghost RiderGhost rider is on the loose again.

G-Rider is an alias that’s used by a motorcycle stunt rider who probably one of the most famous flaunters of road rules. He can usually be seen performing amazing maneuvers on public roads across Sweden and some other countries in Europe. This time he hits Nürburgring.

Ghost rider having some fun on two wheels on Ring

This motorsport  complex is said to be one of the most demanding, longest and most popular tracks for magazine tests, prototype testing, race events and road-car track-days. Setting a good time in this circuit is not an easy task. However, on this complex the types of vehicles that can be usually seen have 4 wheels. Well, Ghost Rider’s ride has only 2 but, you’ll love how  he overtakes the cars, while pulling a wheelie out of nowhere. Check it out!