Guy makes engine sounds like all of us but much better, MUST SEE!

Guy makes engine soundsGuy makes engine sounds  – but, don’t we all, at least try to imitate those sounds? Well, this guy does it way better.
We all have our talents, the ones that we show at parties however, in a room that’s ‘filled’ with engine-sound lovers this guy will definitely be the center of attention when he starts pulling out some of his automotive impressions. From a drift car to a Subaru and all of them in between, these are impressions that are right on spot.

Guy makes engine sounds like all of us but much better

This guy makes engine sounds and he has a talent that will win him every talent show that he enters. The best part is that he uses nothing more that his own mouth and it’s definite not bad for a guy who doesn’t use any additional tools.  Before you play the video try closing your eyes and just listen the sounds that this guy is making only with his mouth. You will get the feeling that you are right on the spot where the car is started at. Guy makes engine sounds video below!