Harley Davidson drifting on ice – Say hello to the Frozen Fury

harley davidson driftingHarley Davidson drifting on ice – something that you will truly enjoy watching.
We can go on and on about how motorcycles and ice just don’t mix with all the “sideways effects” there are. But, let’s get one thing clear- with the right amount of everything it can turn out to be just the perfect combination. We’ve seem motorcycles on snow and ice before and we don’t know about you, but we think that this is something on another level.

Harley Davidson drifting on ice and snow

Lee Stuart started modifying the motorcycle by himself, fabricated a custom crash bar and screwed studs into the tires and he was set to go. Not only does Lee Stuart drifts through the snow with his Harley, he is plowing through mounds. We can’t even fathom how that bike was able to stay up. Stuart gives one one epic ice drifting action to remember.
.This video need to go viral as soon as possible. Check the Harley Davidson drifting video below!