Harley Davidson pays tribute to ZIS 110 with an awesome creation!!!

Harley Davidson pays tributeHarley Davidson pays tribute to ZIS 110 Limo! Harley Davidson sure knows how to make things special.

It’s not like we get to see an iconic American motorcycle mixed nicely with old-school Russian automotive technology. As a matter of fact, such things are so rare that if it weren’t for Solifague we probably wouldn’t even know that they had existed.
Harley Davidson pays tributeOne of the most exciting things about retro cars is that, in most cases, they look pretty neat. Regardless of where these vehicles come from, those who like such designs will surely fall in love at first sight.

Harley Davidson pays tribute to ZIS 110 Limo with an awesome creation

Harley Davidson pays tributeNow, if we take into consideration that the Harley Davidson ZIS 110 limo in its sedan of convertible form is kind of a reverse engineer project that is based on the American Packard Super Eight, then we’re just making things somewhat funny. If this is true, then associating a Harley Davidson to it is not a wonderful feat after all.
Harley Davidson pays tributeNevertheless, the HD 110 of Solifague is a true looker. The 110 ci displacement of the Harley Davidson engine coincides with the 110 figure from the ZIS which make things even coherent. As the tribute is paid to the ‘50s, HD 110 is not at all shy in regard to exhibiting extreme amounts of chrome. As for the red accents, we take them for racing statements.
Harley Davidson pays tributeThe Harley Davidson exhaust design, however, is something one can truly fall in love with. Enjoy the view!

Harley Davidson pays tributeHarley Davidson pays tribute