High Altitude – the tallest truck in the world!

high altitudeIt’s been a while since I’ve came across something this wild like High Altitude. High Altitude is technically the tallest truck in the world! This thing was towering over the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The Show Truck body is on a scissor lift to lift up the entire truck body instead of just the typical bed lift.

High Altitude – 20 feet tall truck!

With 20 feet, it’s little less than twice the height of Bigfoot 5, which currently holds the record for the worlds’s tallest truck! The reason why this truck is not the record breaker is because it can’t be driven when it’s up! The guy builds a 20 foot tall truck that’s basically an off-road scissor lift you can see in any warehouse. If you can’t drive it around like that whats the point, right?
Oh well, at least we can give the builder points for building something unique, right? Check it out!