Homemade Laser Shotgun 40watt – Pure Insanity!!

Homemade Laser ShotgunHomemade Laser Shotgun

This awesome homemade invention was build by a Youtuber named Styropyro. The laser powered shotgun looks like something that came straight out of a Terminator movie.

It goes without saying, this laser gun is dangerous and it’s no joke. So don’t do this at home unless you absolutely understand this things!

40 Watt Homemade Laser Shotgun – Pure Insanity!!

The shotgun uses eight 5-watt lasers and mounted onto a giant heatsink and powered by a giant lithium polymer battery pack.

The result is pretty epic. In the video below, Styropyro shows off how powerful this laser is by pointing it at various objects such as balloons, flash paper, a ping pong balls, etc.- all of which burst into flames after a second or two. Check it out!