Honda 300 TT Racer Concept first appearance!

Honda 300 TT Racer ConceptHonda 300 TT Racer Concept and its cool design.

The custom motorcycle scene is gradually growing. Many professional builders and lots of yard builder around the globe got hook, line and sinker into that world. However, right next to all those custom builds there are still motorcycle manufacturers that also answer the huge trend with the custom look-a-likes designs and are ready to customize bikes.

Honda 300 TT Racer Concept first appearance!

Well, here we have a bike that fits perfectly in this story – the Honda 300 TT Racer Concept that was revealed during the Bangkok International Motor Show. This bike is based around the same chassis and engine as the CB300F and the CBR300R, the so-called “begginer bikes” featuring  a 286cc single cylinder engine. The 300 TT Racer has a completely different look with a sporty single seat and a short rear; its fuel tank is lower and the rider will be put in forwarding leaning riding position by those clip ons.

Power parts like USD fork, GP exhaust, Led lights and radial brakes were also fitted to this bike as well as some other random carbon fiber components. Check the Honda 300 TT Racer Concept out!