Honda Grom by Garwood Custom Cycles is a read head-turner!

honda gromHonda Grom – a custom 2014 piece of art that you’ll immediately want to climb on.

Garwood Custom Cycycles is a shop that can give you anything you can possible think of, especially when it comes to custom parts. You just name it and the folks at GCC will make your dream come true. Their shop is located in Lexington, North Carolina. Thus, the good thing about them is that the GCC is not only easily accessible, it does miracles too.

Furthermore, one of their proudest work is the Honda Grom, a custom black-and-orange Honda that’s a sure head-turner. The Honda Grom made its debut in 2014 and every rider that has tried to control it, fell in love with it immediately. If only the automaker could build the Honda Grom sooner! Well, we might not have seen another one in the following years but, rumor has it that we’ll see a 2017 Honda Grom.

Honda Grom by Garwood Custom Cycles is a read head-turner!

Until then, all we can do is do what we think fits best when it comes to the Honda Grom from 2014. After all, customizing is part of the automotive world for as long as we know and it surely is considered art among enthusiasts. Well, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, check out this amazing piece of machinery coming straight out from the boys at GCC!

Here are some of the specs:

Frontend: 2” Lowering Front Forks

Rearend: C and S Custom 200 Wide Tire Kit ( 7” wide rear wheel),

C and S Custom One Off Wheels, Lowered 3”.

Motor: 183cc Piston Kit, Port and Polished by TUFF Performance, Custom Cam ,

Brocks Exhaust, Cold Air Intake, Power Commander, Nitrous Kit with 1lb Bottle.

Paint: Garwood Custom Cycles/ Team Neyon.

Bodywork: Bright White with Neon Orange and Black Designs, Black Powder Coated

Footpeg Assemblies.

Accessories: Race Handle Bars, Custom Grips and Mirrors, Seat Cowl, Belly Pan, Flush

Turn Signals, Intergrated Tailight, Custom Seat, HID Headlight, Race Rotors.

Check it out!

honda grom

honda grom

honda grom

honda grom