Horrible road rage: Driver runs over Navy veteran’s motorbike!

Horrible road rageHorrible road rage caught on tape – driver loses his/her mind, runs over a motorbike and speeds off.

Let’s just say that we were in an utter shock when seeing what actually happened on the road, just north of Country Like Road. According to the person who took the video, the car driver ran the bikers off road and they eventually caught up to him. Then, he started recording.

Horrible road rage: Driver runs over Navy veteran’s motorbike

Obviously, the exchange between he bikers and the car driver started to heat and when the driver got consumed by his rage, he drove his vehicle over the motorbike. The man who is being run over in the Horrible road rage video below is Joe Calderazzo, a Navy veteran. This incident happened just after a Memorial Day bike ride for Veterans.

The horrible road rage guy has been identified as Robert Paul Vance, a 31 year old man, of Land O’ Lakes. He has been charged with a moving traffic violation and aggravated battery. Namely, he is a constant traffic offender. The bikers that have been run over are in the hospital and luckily, they aren’t suffering from any life-threatening injuries.