Hot Rod mini school bus made by Jerry Bowers in the late 80’s!


How cool is this hot rod bus? This mini school bus was made by hot rod builder and enthusiast Jerry Bowers in the late 80’s! Along with his wife they used it to promote good attendance at school. You have to admit – this school bus has some insanely cool design features. This hot rod bus may look like a Pro-Street car but, it is a front-wheel-drive. It is powered by an Oldsmobile engine coupled to a Cadillac El Dorado trans axle and frame section.

The reason why the builder chose this odd power train combination is because he didn’t want a transmission tunnel through the center of the bus. So, to complete the Pro-Bus look, he also decided to put a big 671 blower with two Hooley four barrels, sticking out of the hood of this thing. The last thing that we can say is that if this was the school bus that we used to go to school with, we wouldn’t even think about ditching school!

Check it out!