What Is a Car Clutch And How Clutches Work?!

How Clutches WorkHow Clutches Work

You probably know that any car with a manual transmission has a clutch. A clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages the power transmission, especially from driving shaft to driven shaft. Clutches are used whenever the transmission of power or motion must be controlled either in amount or over time.

What Is a Car Clutch And How Clutches Work?!

Generally the clutch you find in a car is made up of three core components, a clutch disc, pressure plate and release bearing. At its most basic level, the clutch is used to transfer the rotation of the engine into rotation of the wheels.

When the car is turned on, the engine spins continuously and if the clutch pedal inside the car is depressed the clutch disc is pinned against the engine (specifically the engine’s flywheel). When the clutch pedal is pressed a fork inside the gearbox moves the release bearing against the pressure plate which releases the clutch disc allowing you to change gear. When engaged the clutch spin will transfer through the gearbox, onto the drive-shafts and eventually turn the wheels.

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