Incredible Scrambler Form the Matteucci Garage: Meet ‘True Blood’

Matteucci GarageMatteucci Garage

Maybe you are sick of seeing Scrambles, but this Honda XL 600 LM is Incredible. It is from the Matteucci Garage and is unique. Marco Mettucci, who is a graphic designer rather than a mechanic, built true Blood. This outstanding craftsmanship was a challenge: an old Honda machine at the beginning but a real beast now.

Incredible Scrambler Form the Matteucci Garage: Meet ‘True Blood’

Like any custom work, he removed and replaced many parts. The subframe has been modified to fit a shorter seat with red leather. The standard twin ‘bug eye’ has been updated with a single. It doesn’t seem that Marco has done a hell of a lot with the engine, while the overall finish is amazing, from the black metal tank to the red rims. This motorcycle is amazing; the more we look at it, the more we like it. What about you?

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