Injured Marine Holds Salute For 3 Hours. Then Some Patriotic Bikers Show Up!

Tim Chambers is an ordinary man. He’s a patriot American. He’s a U.S. Marine holding the rank of Staff Sergeant. He has now retired, but his service to the nation continues. His service isn’t just limited to the tours and time he served with the marines.

But, he continues to honors his military brothers and sisters in the most incredible way. Every year, since 2002, Sergeant Chambers has been giving a salute to the Rolling Thunder parade.

The Rolling Thunder parade is an event organized annually that sees bikers travel from the Pentagon to the Veteran’s Memorial, to honor our soldiers and veterans. The salute he holds is no ordinary salute. Sergeant Chambers holds the salute for three straight hours. And I don’t need to tell anybody how gruesome and incredibly difficult and painful that can be, even if you’re in the fittest of shape.

In 2011, Sergeant Chambers held the salute like he has been doing since so many years. But, this time, he did that with a broken wrist! I’ve nothing but deep admiration and great respect for a man like him! What do you think about it?