Insanely fast Nissan vs. Police EVO X – wildest police chase ever!

Insanely fast NissanInsanely fast Nissan is on the loose! Can the police stop the insanity?

There are only two options when the police are on your trail. You can pull over as most people would probably do or just take off and see if they are capable of catching you. But, it wasn’t a matter of choice for this guy; he just wanted to have some fun with his machine.¬†We believe that the police had something to say to this guy however, he wasn’t really eager to find out what that something was.

Insanely fast Nissan is ready to play!

You’d probably think that that the police vehicles would be at their best behavior, even though it’s a car chase but, it’s a totally different story for these Evo X rides. We have to admit that it’s one hell of a scene here. Just watch and enjoy in the¬†shenanigans!