Is the Ariel Atom Mugen capable of handling the drifting challenge?


Will the Ariel Atom Mugen drift? The British motoring press is obviously obsessed with getting sideways; just flip through the pages of Top Gear, EVO, or CAR and you’ll get the point. But the thing is that we can’t blame them because we love drifting as much as the next guy does. But, not all vehicles are made for the power-sliding action.

The BMW M5 was put to the test and the next candidate that is asked to answer the “Will it drift” question is Mugen’s interpretation of the Ariel Atom. IT’s an RWD, weights 550 kg, and with 270 bph it may seem like something up for the challenge however, it surely isn’t an easy task. Can this machine be drifted? See the video and find out!