Jet Turbine Powered Trike – The Krad Vehicle!

Jet Turbine Powered TrikeJet Turbine Powered Trike

One of the best vehicles for a customization out there are the tricycles. We’ve seen tricycles of all shapes and sizes, like the homemade Jet drift trikeFrogman’s Rocket 2, the Kawasaki Z1000 tilting trike, and even The Trikeasourus, the biggest trike in the world.

Jet Turbine Powered Trike – The Krad Vehicle!

But what you see in the video below is special kind of crazy. The video was shot in Rothenburg Görlitz in 2015.

Even though it’s not street legal, this extraordinary vehicle is powered by a super cool jet turbine, even the owner himself said that riding this trike, is like riding a thunder.

Check it out!