Kawasaki H2R top speed of 400 km/h – The world record is broken!

Kawasaki H2R top speedKawasaki H2R top speed ? Well, the world is about to find out.

Kenan Sofuoğlu is a professional Turkish motorcycle racer.  He holds the highest number of Supersport World Championship titles (4-times FIM Supersport World Champion).  However, Kennan has some much more greedy goals to say the least. In addition, he was eager enough to reach one of them.

Have you heard of the Osman Gazi Bridge? It’s a newly constructed bridge that represents the biggest part of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project. With this project, Turkey is going to shorten the distance between Istanbul and  İzmir by approximately 140 kilometers. They have constructed it under the build-operate-transfer model and it will include 49 kilometers of access roads and 384 kilometers of highway. Moreover, Osman Gazi Bridge is officially the second longest in Europe ad the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world. However, did we mention that the bridge is quake-resistant? Well, why else would he try to break the record there?

Kawasaki H2R top speed of 400 km/h- The world record has been broken!

Kawasaki H2R top speedAt the opening day of Osmal Gazi Bridge something marvelous and extreme happened that will make sure the world hear of Sofuoğlu. Riding a Kawasaki H2R he reached a top speed of 400 km/h in less than 30 seconds. Kawasaki H2R top speed of 248.5 miles per hour – he tackled the unimaginable. Well, let’s say that the opening ceremony went better than O.K. After all, it started with a record breaking moment, right?

Kawasaki has been quiet for quite some time. We were expecting the company to do something mind-blowing. Now, nobody will question the Kawasaki H2R top speed it reaches. This bike aims for the top!

Sofuoğlu made that crossing thanks to the special permissions that authorities gave him. Also, they made sure that the weather conditions are favorable for such a “stunt”. Safety first!

Sofuoğlu says that he has reached 390 km in his previous attempts tops and that it was his intention to break the land speed record during the opening. Luckily, he fulfilled his dream. His next challenge is claiming the 5th World Champion title. Kawasaki H2R top speed of 400 km/h – get used to hearing that a lot. Kawasaki H2R top speed video below!