Kenneth Moen goes Nuts with his Battle-Scarred 840hp Toyota Supra… Insane Hill-climb Drifting on Ice!


Kenneth Moen, the Formula Drift driver, was sent on a Scandinavian rally course with his rear-wheel-drive 840hp Toyota Supra to show us what happens when rallying and drifting are combined. Clearly, rallying and drifting are horses of a different color, but they perfectly combine when there is enough snow on the ground, and right car and driver.

No car makes as much smoke as this turbocharged Supra. Kenneth pointed his Supra in the general direction of ‘up’ at the Ski Jumping Arena in Lillehammer, Norway.

If you are a fan of drifting insanity, do yourself a favor and take a deep breath before watching this video, because Kenneth is tearing up snow and shows us how drifting should be done!