Koenigsegg Agera R blasting through Autobahn with 340 km/h!


Koenigsegg, which was founded in 1994, is a Swedish manufacturer that has been producing world class supercars since its early beginnings. So, their Agera R is not an exception; it’s an insanely fast monster that reaches some amazing dials.

The word “Agera” in English means “take action” and that’s exactly why this car is being driven to the test-track and not being trailered. This mean creation features a 5.0liter turbo V9 with a 7-speed gearbox. Thanks to it, this ride can reach 300 kmh+ and that’s exactly what these guys in the Agera are showing us what it looks like when it’s taken on the Autobahn freeway. The one on the passenger seat is even filming the dials! Check it out!