LED Lights battle – Barracuda Crosskart vs Motorbike!!!

LED Lights battleLED Lights battle – Finnish racers go head to head in a battle that’s probably going to remind you of some sci-fi film.
Stunt Freaks Team, the Finnish racers, have made a sci-fi race a reality with their latest, one-of-a-kind stunt. Now, don’t worry if you think this is a scene from the film Tron because it definitely could be.

LED Lights battle – Finnish racers go head to head in the dark with the LED lights on

A LED Lights battle between two Finnish racers, a barracuda crosskart buggy and a motorbike is exciting as it is but, these folks decided it to take it on another level and turn all the lights out. Now, It’s pitch dark and they’re about to race on snow and ice with only the LED lights on that are strapped to them. Indeed, that is the only guidance that they get in this piece of action. We get it, it looks unbelievably hard but, no worries, I’m sure they’ve practiced to perfection.
The race takes place in Imatra, Finland and the video was shot in sub zero conditions. The 22 years old Joonas Salin is the one that’s riding the motorbike while ,behind the wheel of the buggy we see Antti Leppänen. The LED Lights battle – Finnish racers are ready to roll but, who will get to the finish line first? LED Lights battle in the video below.