LIEBHERR T-284 – The largest mining truck in the world!


This is the LIEBHERR T-284 and at the moment it’s the Largest Mining Truck in the world! It’s relatively low empty vehicle weight and efficient electronic drive system enable as much of the truck’s load-carrying capacity as possible to be used for payload. I’m saying relatively because EVW is 237t/261t. Payload would be 363t/400t.

As the truck is built on a lightweight frame and hauls the largest available payload, the new T-284 hauls more per cycle to allow customers to meet production targets with fewer trucks or in less time. The T-284 can support high capacity tires for further optimization of payload, and also supports multiple engine options. Customers are able to choose their own engine that would meet their production goals while minimizing fuel consumption. Just look at how tiny the people are compared to it! 😀

Built with many Liebherr designed systems and components, the T-284 serves as the platform for future advances in mining truck technology. And aren’t you excited to see what comes next? Check it out!