Lotus C-01 Motorcycle – Concept Power Cruiser!

Concept Power CruiserConcept Power Cruiser!

The Lotus C-01 is a concept motorcycle revealed in 2014. It was manufactured by Kodewa under brand license from Group Lotus. The bike was designed by Daniel Simon, the same guy that designed the Lightcycles from the Tron movie!

Lotus C-01 Motorcycle – Concept Power Cruiser!

The bike’s geometry and construction is the work of Holzer, a company that has had a hand in designing several Moto One, Moto Two world championship motorcycles, and Formula One cars.

This power cruiser is powered by a 2-cylinder, 4-stroke V-style engine, mated to six-gear jaw-type shift transmission, that puts out 200 Hp.

Check it out!

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