Mad Mike Whiddett takes the glory at Drift Japan with his RX7!

Mad Mike WhiddettMad Mike Whiddett strikes again.

What is the home of drift in Japan? Well, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the answer is “the stunning Ebisu track”. Now, Mad Mike Whiddett dominates it.

What does it take to win at Ebisu? Well, if you ask Mad Mike, then he’ll say that you need determination, commitment, hard work and an abundant amount of time. Well, it sounds like a lot and it is but, most importantly it’s definitely worth it.

Mad Mike Whiddett takes the glory at  Drift Japan with his RX7

The language barrier was real but, Mad Mike Whiddett realized that he had won the Drift Japan and just couldn’t contain his grin. Officially, he has been awarded first place at the Japanese stop of Formula Drift World Championship in Ebisu. His hard work paid off along with everything that he has put on the table to achieve his goal. The only thing that his fans can do now is to be proud of him.

However, to take the victory, you’re skills only aren’t sufficient – that’s the harsh truth. To win big you need to have big and it this case Mad Mike has his RX7. This Humbul Mazda RX7, of course, is not an ordinary one. Behind its build stands the team called “TCP Magic” from Japan that made this vehicle a true fighter.