Mazda Furai – The defining concept car of the era!!!

Mazda FuraiMazda Furai is a sports car that the company revealed back in early 2008. The Mazda Furai concept car was a race-bred, carbon-composite masterpiece. This is one of those cars that are at home both on the track and on the streets.

About a year after its debut, Top Gear magazine ran the only drive in the world of the Mazda Furai. After that, the car mysteriously disappeared and was nowhere to be found. Was it spirited away in some collection that nobody knew of, though? Not quite.

Between 2005 and 2008, Mazda produced some awesome design concepts that showcased the “Nagare” design language. This was something that made the world fall in love with. Thanks to the Nagare dynasty Mazda designers were set free to push boundaries. Thus, the Mazda Furai was the last vehicle that was born in that philosophy.

Mazda Furai – The defining concept car of the era!!!

Mazda FuraiThe Mazda Furai was the car design that showed the world how a race car for the road should look like. The world was simply astonished by the design that it won global acclaim. It was to be the defining concept car of the era.

What’s under the hood? Well, the Furai is a mid-engine, RWD sports car with a 3-rotor rotary engine. It runs purely on ethanol and puts out approximately 450 HP. It gets all this to the road using a¬†Hewland TLS, 6-speed sequential transmission. Moreover, it goes from 0 to 60 mph in only 4 seconds. This things just growls¬†threateningly on the road and it’s pretty fast. Unfortunately, the Top Gear is the magazine who didn’t only run it first but, it was also the last to driven it.

The Mazda Furai, one of the best-looking show cars to grace and auto show had been killed. The top Gear folks were in attendance when it died. Nevertheless, the Mazda Furai concepts remains one of the best that this world has seen. So, check it out!