Meanwhile in Dubai: A Lambo Aventador meets a fiery end after revving up the engine!


Whenever a supercar meets an untimely end it’s a sad day in the world of autos. Such a day was when this Lambo Aventador got cut down in its prime- a victim to an apparent engine fire on the streets of Dubai. After revving up the engine, the bodywork was eventually set alight. The footage that you’re about to see comes from a dashcam in a car that’s behind the Lambo and in it, we can clearly see that the Aventador driver got its fair warning that his ride is on fire.

We have no idea whether he didn’t hear the passenger that was shouting  or he was just in his own la-la land, however, the Lambo driver wasn’t aware that his precious ride is on fire for quite some time. Nobody was physically injured in the fire but, we suspect that the owner is probably suffering some emotional distress after loss.