Mid Engine Corvette 1963 Concept as the V7 Twin Turbo Corvette!!

Mid Engine CorvetteMid Engine Corvette!

If you can’t wait a couple of years to see if Chevy finally delivers on the much-dreamed-about mid-engine Corvette, you might as well check out this 1963 Mid Engine Corvette Concept known as the V7 Twin Turbo Corvette!! The concept is an engineering marvel, boasting an LS1 with twin turbos in a mid-engine layout.

Mid Engine CorvetteMid Engine Corvette

You know, when GM decides to build a Mid Engine Corvette the outcome, even though amazing, turns out to be pretty straight-forward classic. RWD, front-mounted big engine – that’s the random combination. However, what you’re about to see in action in the video below is a custom build and it is anything but ordinary. The ride is inspired by the mid-engine Ford GT and the one that got the idea was the vehicle designer Mark Harlan.

Mid Engine CorvetteMid Engine Corvette!

It’s been described as “a stunning reinvention or vision of the future,” has earned the coveted GM Design Award, and has been dynoed at an incredible 1,067 horsepower and 915 lb-ft of torque. Compare that to the 650/650 output of the current 2015 Corvette Z06, and you get an idea of the amazing performance of this car that will explode from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds.

Mid Engine Corvette!!!

Whether you love it or hate it depends on what you think a classic car should look like, but always remember- different is good! This Chevy Mid Engine Corvette V7 has Cobra seats, air conditioner, e-windows, Wi-Fi stereo system, massive Baer Brakes and a lots of other features that fit in just perfectly. Now, watch the extraordinary creation in action and enjoy! Mid Engine Corvette 2017