All Terrain Mini Ripsaw by Howe & Howe!!

mini ripsaw

Mini ripsaw

Howe & Howe Technologies has become a world leader in extreme vehicle fabrication and are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to off-road vehicles. This time they’ve created the coolest ATV ever, an all terrain Mini Ripsaw or The Mini Rip!!

All Terrain Mini Ripsaw by Howe & Howe!!

The Mini Rip is easily maneuverable, it can go forwards, backwards, it can turn left or right from the spot and it’s build to run on every kind of terrain. The Mini Rip shares a proprietary clutches that are actually hydraulically actuated disc brakes that allow power to be controlled electronically through a computer-controlled steering system. It gives razor-sharp handling and an inexpensive open-clutch design.

Very impressive Howe & Howe. Check it out!