Son Was Getting Bullied at School For Years, Mother Approached Bikers For Help And Then The Bikers Did Something Unbelievable!

Being bullied at school is a major issue that we need to pay attention to. It not only includes being made fun of, but it destroys the faith and trust of a child in humanity. The child who is exploited not only develops frustration and anger but may end up shutting himself from the world altogether.

The riders’ club helped a child to regain his confidence and faith in humanity. They took an initiative to draw everyone’s attention to this serious issue. They supported a boy who used to get bullied at school frequently. He was made fun of and had no friends.

Brent Warfield, the organizer of the motorcycle club, feels that a person doesn’t have to be rich or powerful to help someone, all you need to have is a will to help and devote a little time. There are a lot of people out there who are vulnerable and need help. With a little initiative, people can come together to help.

The motorcycle club has shown that if we all gather together, we can fight any evil. Phil Mick was being bullied by his peers for a long time and before it got too late, his mother decided to seek aid. Phil told his mother about the bad behavior of his classmates in school.

Micks have met Warfield in a Christmas event in the previous year. Warfield immediately decided to help after hearing about the plight of the little boy. He called on to his rider friends and all of them came to help Phil. Phil was ridiculed by his friends for his social status and weight.

Warfield called his rider friends with the help of social media. He decided to give a ride to Phil all the way to his school on the first day. Phil would definitely get all the confidence that he needed for a new beginning.