Motorcycle tires spiked with construction screws! How cool is that?!

The Process Of Spiking A Motor Tire!!

In this video you can learn how to spike your motorcycle tires with construction screws. You’re gonna need a drill driver and a LOT of patience! In the video it looks pretty simple but, when you realize that he’s using 10.000 screws on each tire, and then he has to even them out from the inside with a duct tape… You get the point.

If you want to get a mean badass biker look, I suggest that you go for it, otherwise, the tires are not very functional. They are certainly not very long-lasting!

And if you were wondering what else could you use these tires for, check out this ridiculously awesome video of winter stunts. The rider in this video also has spiked motorcycle tires, which enables him to ride and drift ON ICE! Check this out!